We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize– Thich Nhat Hanh Mindfulness. Presence. Awareness. Connection. Centred. Focused. We hear about the miracles of mindfulness alot. Originally an idea taken from the Buddhist philosophy school, the technique of mindfulness has made it’s way through self improvement, self-improvement and therapy and now into ourContinue reading “Mindfulness”

Crisis and Distress Tolerance Skills

A crisis; a time of intense difficulty or danger. High levels of distress can lead us into a crisis and crises can be particularly frightening and dangerous. Crises can involve but may not always include; Extreme emotions such as; rage, despair, intense anxiety Panic Attacks Suicidal/Aggressive thoughts, threats or attempts Inability to communicate; incomprehensible orContinue reading “Crisis and Distress Tolerance Skills”

Truth: Part 1 – A Poem

Truth is an elusive thingA stalwart beast whose speedis matched only by her strengthIn her stance, like treesUnwaiveringHolds the Earth together in her roots Man tries to tame herWith words to surround herPsychic cages to bind herWith hope, that one dayThey can ride herOn her back through the heavensAround the sun and back But wordsContinue reading “Truth: Part 1 – A Poem”

The Cycle of Change

The Cycle of Change model, developed by Prochaska and DiClemente, helps us understand the process of how we change our behaviours. The model highlights the stages of awareness and commitment involved in behaviour change. Here’s a visual: Let’s outline the different stages of the model and explain what may be going on here for someoneContinue reading “The Cycle of Change”

What is CBT? (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

CBT, or Cognitive behavioural therapy is a short-term talking therapy that focuses on the relationship between our thoughts and behaviours as they relate to our problems. CBT was developed by psychologist Aaron Beck and focuses on the way we think and how that affects our feelings and behaviour. It combines both behaviourist ideas like conditioningContinue reading “What is CBT? (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)”

Psycho-dynamic Therapy

Freudian Psychodynamic theory Sigmund Freud was an Austrian psychologist who is seen as a godfather of western psychology. He contributed a collection of ideas still accepted now by many and, while lots of these ideas have been further developed and/or reconsidered, are practiced widely by psychotherapists. He discovered so many psychological axioms that many ofContinue reading “Psycho-dynamic Therapy”