About me

My name is Jonathan Daniel Pointer. I’m a mental health counsellor in the United Kingdom

  • AdvDip. in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Member of the National Counselling Society and the National Hypnotherapy Society
  • Diploma in Counselling Skills
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Meditation and Guiding others

Healing and personal transformation have always been an important theme in my life. My earliest dream was to become a doctor to help sick people heal. I fell in love with music and my focus became learning how music worked. Music is an art of transformation. It’s patterns transform through time and inspires change in it’s listeners. I wanted to be an agent of that change and that led me to studying and practicing as a music producer and musician.

I had my own journey with mental health, personal change and a search for meaning; this led to me developing another passion for psychology, philosophy and spirituality. This inspired me to help others and began on my path to becoming a professional mental health counsellor. Since then I have worked with many different clients with different challenges. I now run my own counselling practice as well volunteer in several schools around my region. Knowledge is power and we’re stronger when we stand together in love and unity

Feel free to get in touch with an enquiry or to connect with me. I wish you all the best in your life and power to your growth.

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