The Wheel(s) of Life

Here are some tools for assessing our lives periodically to make sure we’re getting the most out of our lives!

The wheel of life is a tool we use in therapy to help somebody examine different areas of their life and see where there is satisfaction and dissatisfaction in them. We use it to rate the areas in overall satisfaction and what it gives us is a representation of how we feel our life is going and may point to areas we could lend some attention to so that we can improve it.

Here’s a wheel I found from coaching site:

Each sector has a rating between 1 and 10. Rate each sector with your overall satisfaction and a wheel will begin to show. This is your wheel of life.

Naturally, your wheel is likely not going to be the smoothest wheel. A bumpy wheel shows us the areas that could be improved in our lives. Bigger wheels are better too!

Once you’ve identified the less fulfilled areas, ask yourself: What are one or two things I can do now to improve this by one, maybe even two points?’, and write them down as goals.

The wheel of life can be a good tool to use at regular intervals in your life. It’s like checking in with yourself and saying; ‘Okay, where I could I be focusing my energy moving forward?’. Self-inquiry like this can really help us get in touch with our feelings and our drives and dedicate some solid attention to our life.

The wheel of life doesn’t just have to be a method of scrutinizing our shortcomings either. While there is merit in this, we can use it to celebrate our areas of success, reflect on how we’ve gotten there and appreciate our victories and efforts.

The Wheel of Dharma

Another favorite wheel of mine is the Wheel of Dharma. Yeah, that’s right, I have favorite wheels. This comes from the Buddhist and Hindu religions and is used to help describe our engagement with our lives. Dharma means ‘duty’, making sure we are engaged in life in the right way is an important responsibility when it comes to living the best life we can, for ourselves and others

  • Right Mindfulness: I am aware of what I’m experiencing now
  • Right View: I’m aware of what I need to be
  • Right Intention: I’m aiming to my highest good
  • Right Speech: I’m articulating my thoughts well
  • Right Action: I take the proper action
  • Right Livelihood: I live toward the collective good
  • Right Effort: I give what’s necessary
  • Right Concentration: I am aware of my focus

Wheels are good visual ways to remember a collection of ideas. These wheels can help us check in with ourselves and to give us insight into where and how we can improve our life position. Awareness of where we are, where we want to be and how to get there will give us direction and while keeping us centered.

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